Tiburon Systems offers a range of services to meet client business requirements


Network Management Services
Tiburon Network Management Services (NMS) provide a suite of services to assist clients with the management of a complex telecommunications network, including:
- Service Strategy
- Financial Management (Budget, Accounts Payable and Receivable)
​- Capacity and Availability Management
- Asset and Configuration management
- Transition Planning and Support
​- Administrative Support

Business Consulting Services
Tiburon’s Business Consulting Services (BCS) supports clients with analysis and advice, including:
- Project Management
- Strategic Planning and Needs Assessments
- Feasibility Studies
- Cost/Benefit Analysis and Quality Assurance
- Technical Documentation Creation and Development
​- Acquisition Planning and Procurement

Video Engineering Services
Video conferencing systems are complex and require technology-specific expertise to achieve the best possible business benefit. Tiburon Video Engineering Services (VES) support the life cycle of video conferencing implementation and operations:
- Business requirements
- System Design and Architecture
- Room Design
​- System Acquisition
- Project Management
- System Support
- Training

E-Rate Support Services
The Federal E-Rate program is a complex and ever-changing program. Successful application and reimbursement require in-depth knowledge and practicable experience.Tiburon E-Rate Support Services (ESS) Including:
- Forms 470 and 471 Preparation
- Reimbursement Eligibility
- Prepare Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement (BEAR) Forms
- Analysis of E-rate Reimbursement Allocation
- Support Federal Communications Commission Audits

For more information about our company and/or to begin a dialogue regarding how we can help you meet your goals, please send an email to info@tiburonsys.com.